“They have… PIZZAZZ!”

Pizzazz:  n. Informal. 1. Dazzling style; flamboyance; flair. 2. Vigorous spirit; energy or excitement.

That’s how Jon Wegener describes the surfboards he creates. In 2005, when Jon started making Alaias and Paipos, the lid was blown wide open on Pandora’s box and he has been possessed with the spirit of experimentation ever since.  He fell in love with woodworking and more importantly how wood flows through water. When he approached finned boards again, he saw them in a new light… he saw them as opportunities to add wood…and PIZZAZ!  His models range from the Bluegill (the alaia-surfboard hybrid) with wooden rails… to a stringerless (recycled or recyclable) foam core completely covered in hand applied wood veneer, all the way to hollow wooden surfboards and kookboxes.

According to Jon, adding wood to a surfboard adds momentum, and speed.  These boards excel at down the line surfing.  They spring you through your turns in a way that no foam board can.  They have life…these boards know what to do on a wave, they guide you.  They have indescribable qualities…”they have Pizzazz!”

Photograph by Shawn Parkin.