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Wegener's Dynamo featured in Surfer Magazine

Wegener’s Dynamo featured in Surfer Magazine

In a recent online post titled, The Rise of The Stub featuring Rob Machado and written by Rob Gilley, Jon and his Dynamo are mentioned. “In an effort to add spice to an otherwise less dimensional experience, companies like Takayama and John Wegener Surfboards began developing and refining stubs of their own, like The Scorp...
The Wegener Dynamo

The Wegener Dynamo

The Dynamo: 5’4”-6’2.”  The ultimate short board. It’s bottom contour, fin set ups, and width all combine to generate speed. It’s round template make it very loose. These attributes blend together to create the ability to do the maneuvers you imagine yourself doing. The design is smooth and forgiving, and works well frontside or backside....