A paipo is a board that every surfer should have in their quiver.

For the Experienced Surfer

The advanced surfer is always looking for speed and the best possible positioning on the wave. The paipo naturally places itself in the pocket of the wave, and accelerates quickly. Being in the prone position, you can fit into the tubes that a stand up surfer may not even notice. The experienced surfer finds him or herself saying all too often “if only it were …a little bigger…a little glassier…a little more hollow…” The paipo takes that bumpy knee high wave and turns it into a speedy overhead barrel that will get anyone stoked to go surfing. You will begin looking at waves differently; you will notice that inside peeling section at your home break that everyone else paddles over. Becoming proficient with a paipo is the difference between being a surfer… and being a waterman (or woman).

For the Beginner

For kids that grow up at the beach, body boarding and body surfing are their first entry into wave riding. It is during this time that those kids learn the way waves break, and how to catch and ride them. We see a lot of adults who want to surf… they didn’t spend their childhoods playing at the beach and they try to skip these all important first steps. The paipo is an excellent tool for the beginning surfer. You can learn to catch waves, and get many great rides. You don’t fall off as often, which means that you get more opportunities to practice riding waves… and less opportunity for frustration. A paipo is much easier to get through the surf and hold onto. You also learn how to deal with speed, and how to manipulate your body to stay with the wave. You will learn the basic skills of wave riding… so that IF you decide to transition to a surfboard there will be a solid foundation to build on.

These boards are whole lot of fun, but they are a serious wave riding tools. A perfect addition to your quiver… at whatever stage of surfing you are in.