A lot changed for Jon when he was introduced to Alaias and Paipos. The traditional concepts on what made a surfboard function, and what materials were best for making surfboards were all challenged by these seemingly flat pieces of wood that surf so well! The ride… and more importantly the sustainability of the Alaia/Paipo cannot be beat. If you want the most sustainable board possible… You will ride an alaia or paipo period. Convincing your average surfboard consumer of this fact has proven to be a challenge. So Jon went back into the shaping-room with renewed vigor and imagination and started applying what he had learned with the Alaias and Paipos, to surfboards. He came up with new models such as The Bluegill, which combines the slide of the Alaia with the float and paddle of foam, and the Cy model, a hand veneered 2+1 co-designed with Cyrus Sutton. But he also has become a huge proponent of the recycled or recyclable blank and Entropy resins and strives to use these new tools in every board he builds. He isn’t there yet… you can help him reach his goal by demanding that your next surfboard be made A.S.A.P. (as sustainable as possible) !